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Baraha Chhetra Nepal : Nepal Pilgrimage Sites

Baraha Chhetra is an important Hindu pilgrimage site and is only an hour's drive away from the industrial town of Biratnagar in eastern Nepal. While travelling in east Nepal Barah Chhetra is a place well worth a visit. Located at the confluence of the Sapta Koshi and Koka rivers, the white temple stands tranquil in the breathtaking surroundings.

One can reach Barah Chhetra either by car or local buses that ply the route. For around Rs.2000, a car can be hired for the whole day, from Biratnagar to Sarah Chhetra. In the same package one can also visit the nearby city of Dharan, known to be a small replica of the Kathmandu Valley. There is also a bus service from Itahari, the junction of Biratnagar and Dharan along the East-West Highway. The bus service, costing around Rs.,20, will take one almost right up to the temple.

For the more adventurous, travelling in the crowded buses among the friendly people of Nepal would be the best option. However, for the more quiet and peaceful people it is best to hire a car and indulge in the true beauty of the surroundings. Whatever mode of travel you take to reach the temple be sure to look towards your right at the river. If you have time, stop and walk across the bridge to the other side, as from there you can get a great view of the Sapta Koshi River. The road to Barah Chhetra is pitched although there is a small stretch of rough dirty road. The village elders tell of a time when one had to walk for a whole day just to reach the temple.

Taking in the serene and the beautiful surrounding while walking, would be a good alternative but when one reaches the place one is glad to have travelled by road. While travelling to Barah Chhetra, one scene that enthuse first timers is the sight of pilgrims, from as far away as the western end of Nepal walking all way to the temple to worship. They have travelled thousands of miles just to gain blessings of Lord Vishnu. The pilgrims, carrying their supplies on their backs, can be seen cooking mouth-watering gundrukh on the roadside.

The bus or car however does not take one to the temple itself. A fifteen-minute walk has to be taken to reach the temple but the walk is well worth the effort. The great thing about Barah Chhetra is that just in front of the temple there are small shops that sell an assortment of items. The prices are also quite cheap compared to the shops in Kathmandu. One can even sit under the small wooden huts and drink a cup of delicious Nepali tea while soaking in the fresh air. After reaching the temple, there is flight of stairs that leads to the river below. On the banks of the river one can view devotees taking a holy bath. The site also functions as a cremation ground for the Hindus.

Towards the right hand side there is a bridge that connects the temple to the other mountain. For the more curious, a stroll down the bridge can be a great way to catch a better view of the confluence of the rivers. Situated in the premises of the temple of Barah Chhetra is a big metal stone. It is believed that if one is able to lift this stone without dropping it or showing difficulty he/she is a pure person and has not committed any sin. Another belief is that if five or seven people together, are able to lift the stone just using their small finger and forefinger then they also prove that they have not committed any sins. Well, isn or no sin it is the good way to enjoy yourself.

This shikara-style temple of LordVlshnu, the creator of the universe, in his boar incarnation attracts a large number of Vishnu worshippers. It is one of the four holy places in Nepal. The mythology behind this temple is that Lord Vishnu came down to earth in the form of a boar and destroyed Hiranyakashyapu, an evil demon, at this very spot. Colourful folks from shamans to Indian pilgrims converge here to pay homage to the one who saved the world from the likes of Hiranyakashyapu, A religious fair takes place here in November. This time of the year is also the best time to visit Barah Chettra as the weather is just tight. During this month Hindus read the Swastani, a holy book and on the banks priests can be seen under small tents reciting the verses. Since at this temple side all 7 Koshi Rivers meet together to form the Sapta Koshi River it is known as one of the holiest amongst the four pilgrimages of Nepal.

After completing the visit to Barah Chhetra, if you have hired a car then you can easily take a short cut across the woods of Chatara to Dharan. If you have packed a picnic lunch, which is highly recommended, then you can stop at a nice spot on the way through the short cut. Be sure you don't land up in someone's field or you might be chased away by an angry owner. Anyway, some great places to visit in the town of Dharan are the temple of Dantakali and Budha Subha.

Dharan was formerly a recruitment centre for Gurkha soldiers, and most of the population is ex-army personnel and their families. A huge hospital now stands at the recruiting camp.
The hilltop of Bhedetar, a 16- km or roughly one-hour drive, is popular for its views of the Himalaya and the Koshi River. The Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, popular as a resort and famous as is a bird watching spot is just a 90-minute drive from Biratnagar. The Koshi Barrage on the Koshi River, a two-hour drive from Biratnagar never fails to impress the first-timer.

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Baraha Chhetra Nepal

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