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Cultural Tours in Nepal

Having highly experienced multi lingual tour guide Nepal Trekking Pass operates all kinds of Cultural tour in Nepal.
Nepal is one of the best countries for sightseeing, with its long history, fascinating art and distinctive and varied architecture. The vast diversity of people, their culture, language and traditions will intrigue anyone. The two predominant religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, are ever present with the variety of gods and goddess, numerous temples, stupas and monasteries, and depict the deep faith of the people.

Nepal Trekking Pass offers some specific Cultural Tours in Nepal, which will give you great experience and the journey, will be highlight in your lifetime. The specific programs give visitors an opportunity to observe the rich Nepalese culture tradition, a unique culture heritage, glorious history, jungle safari and day hiking as well. For more information and details click on one of our itinerary and send us email for your requirement. 

Kathmandu Valley Tour

The Kathmandu Valley is indeed a sole type of valley, wearing an unusual setting. Twenty-five centuries back it stood as a large lake. The Kathmandu valley (1300m) is surrounded by row of green mountain walls above which tower mighty snow-capped peaks.

Culture, Sunrise & Sunset Tour (Kathmandu / Nagarkot)

NAGARKOT: Of the possible resort destinations, Nagarkot (altitude 2,175 m) is by far the most popular. Located 30 Km east of Kathmandu, Nagarkot has developed into a favorite weekend getaway among those seeking mountain views in comfort and quiet.

Nepal Cultural Tour (Kathmandu and Lumbini)

Asides from a discovery of harmony of Buddhism and Hinduism in and around the Kathmandu Valley, you are granted a chance to trace back to the life of the "Enlightened One" or the Buddha, the founder of Buddhism in Lumbini, which is believed to be a birthplace of Buddha.

Sightseeing City Tours (Kathmandu and Pokhara)

This prestigious tour is a combination of cultural and natural appreciation. In Kathmandu valley and around, you will be overwhelmed with fascinating architectural works including palaces, squares and temples in their exquisite Nepalese arts.

All Nepal Tours

Nepal, the land of splendid nature and rich culture is waiting for you exploration through its different facets. Explore Nepal tour gives you an opportunity to explore three different regions of the country, varying from the cultural hub teemed with fascinating ancient building like Kathmandu

Best of Nepal

Nepal, the land of splendid nature and rich culture is waiting for you exploration through its different facets. Explore Nepal tour gives you an opportunity to explore three different regions of the country

Nepal Experience Tour

It is not how long you travel that ascertains your satisfaction and enjoyment of traveling. Nepal is small but beautiful country with colorful culture, exotic city, pristine mountains and friendly people. Within a small territory,

Classic Nepal Tour

Classic Nepal tour is one of the most popular tours in Nepal. This extremely popular tour starts with a bundle of tourist attraction sites of Kathmandu valley and an overnight stop to Mountain View point of Nagarkot.

A Taste of Nepal Tour

In this tour you will be experiencing Kathmandu and its peripheri. The short description on the places and Kathmandu valley is described below. The only taste can be obtained when you visit this places.

Nepal Heritage Tour

Nepal Heritage Tour is carefully designed trip for the visitors who have enormous interest on art, culture, lifestyle and historical sites in Nepal. A visit to the UNESCO approved world heritage site of Nepal is best opportunity for researcher, innovator or historian to assemble historical

Himalayan Meditation Tour

Opening the doors of your Heart and connecting to the Divine Buddha within you, through the windows of the Mind. The Enlightenment of the Mind is, of various levels and has to be interpreted and discovered through one's own experience and values of life.