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Health Tourism in Nepal

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Health Tourism in Nepal

As Nepal is equipped of valuable natural, historical and cultural heritage so people from all over the world visit Nepal every year and join themselves spending their valuable moment of their life. Generally, visiting Nepal is meant for traveling, trekking in Nepal , expedition in Nepal , Tour in Nepal , adventures in Nepal , research in Nepal and filming in Nepal etc.

But, besides these we are coming through new concept (dimension) in tourism ie, joining hand with you providing service of treatment (medication) of various health problems, during your stay in Nepal .

Nepal as an economical treatment destination:

People can come Nepal for treatment in order to save cost. Here, medical check up, diagnosis, lab facilities, indoor service, surgery and follow up is possible in very low cost compared to developed countries. Besides, Medicines and supportive things in different varieties and adequate amount of international standard (USFDA approved) are available in very low cost compared to western countries.

Qualified service

Qualified doctors who have completed their master & doctorate degrees in UK, USA, Japan etc with several Years working successful experiences are available in Nepal for no waiting in queue, qualified and experienced technicians, nurses assists the doctors. Treatment for all age groups and climate inhabitat is possible. Attentive nursing care with regular visit of doctors is done in indoor. Medical personnel are capable of well counseling to the patients. Hospital environment is neat, clean & cozy.


No language problem

Helpful and attentive medical professionals with good command in English language give the service and care.

Other services

For people as a tourist who stay in Nepal , Nepal government is well concerned and aware for safety and the country is very safe for the tourists. Visa extension facility is very easy and prompt by related Embassy in Nepal. Transportation, hygienic lodging, fooding is well available in every places.


Nepal is also famous for natural method of treatment. Naturopathy means natural method for treating diseases. Natural method includes exercise, yoga, reki, Meditation, physiotherapy and different other methods and activities. Medicines have no or minor role in naturopathy. Since chances of side effect and reoccurring is very less it is belived as long lasting and safe cure and is being popular. So day by day this method users are increasing rapidly in Nepal . Well qualified doctors, assistances, technicians and equipped hospitals (arogya ashrams) and care centres available in Nepal.

We suggest you to follow simple steps (process & procedures):

  1. You can send us mail for general enquiry for the below mention treatments.
  2. After your first enquiry, in next step we will ask you your diseases ( problem) details. We will consult our doctor and arrange the things according as your desired stay period in Nepal.
  3. Necessarily, we prefer you talk with doctors; discussed any alternative treatments, agreed as to the desired aesthetic outcome and understood fully the steps involved with the procedure via email.
  4. Choose hotels of which standards that you would like to stay. We will arrange you on your wish means we reserve your Hotel Booking in Nepal.
  5. Upon your arrival we will receive you from Nepal airport.
  6. Meet your doctor from then you will continue the treatment.
  7. Finally you will have healthy life.
  8. Make interesting tours.


Our major concern:-

Before conveying you the entere details relating schedule and procedures we catogoris your staying accorirding by as:-

  1. for short period staying in Nepal
  2. for, long period staying in Nepal

For which are again segregate as :-

  1. Visiting Nepal for treatment only
  2. Visiting Nepal for treatment as well as travelling

    For latest price and information please contact our parent orgazation Nepal Trekking in Himalayas Pvt. Ltd.

Health Tourism in Nepal
Doctors specility and diseases that is treated in Nepal :
» All kind of dental treatment » Gastrointerologists » Hepatologists
  - For Teeth & oral cavity problems   -- Physician and Surgeons for gastro intestinal problems   -- Physician and Surgeons for lever problems
» ENT surgeons » Chest physician » Cardiologists
  -- For Ear, Nose, Throat probems   -- For Chest Cavity Problems   -- Physician and Surgeons for Heart and Blood Vessels disorder
» Neuro logists » Opthalmologists   Diabatologists
-- Physician and Surgeons for brain, spinal cord, neurons and nerves disorders
-- Physician and Surgeons for eye problems
  -- Physicians for diabetes
» obstretician and gynalnecologists » cosmetolgists » Orthopadiatician
--Physician and Surgeons for women reproductive system with birth giving service
--Physician and Surgeons for Cosmetice Care of skin , hair and other visible part of the body eg plastic surgery, hair grafting etc
--Physician and Surgeons for whole bone (skeletal) system's problems
» Peadiaticeans » Urologists » Nephrologists
  -- For all general complication of infants  
-- Physician and Surgeons for Urinary system's disorder
  -- Physician and Surgeons for Kidney disorder
» Dermato & venerologists » General physicians » Oncologists
  -- Doctors treating whole body skin and sexully transmitted deases of genital parts   -- For whole body general check up   -- Physician and Surgeons for cancer
» pulmunologists » General Surgeons » Endocrinologist
  -- Physicians for specially pulmonary system   -- For major and minor surgeory   -- Physician and Surgeons for hormon related system
» Infertility doctors with Test-tube baby specialty etc. -- generally entocrnologist who looks after male and female infertility both and have experience of fusion of ova and sperm in test tube.

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