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Honeymoon Tours in Nepal

We welcome to Nepal for newly married couples to celebrate their honeymoon tours in Nepal which is naturally beautiful country with rich in diversity of attractive sight scenes and adventure opportunities.

Nepal is an ideal place for you to celebrate your honeymoon trip. One of the most awaiting periods is to get married and to make honeymoon memorable and enjoyable. The country is not only known for land of colorful cultures, ancient history, legendary of Sherpas and world's tallest mountains but also a popular destination for honeymoon couples as well. Many couples make their holidays or tips to Nepal to spend their honeymoon holidays.

This rout includes famous destination of Nepal. You will be given the chance to explore around the colorful cultures and ancient history, the most romantic, breathtaking sceneries, unforgettable moments with Nepal wildlife and floral forests, razing rivers and the breathtaking view of the majestic Himalayas.

Our team of experienced guides helps you to make your honeymoon vacation more enjoyable and memorable in every corner of the tour. This tour designed below is so flexible we can change the itinerary for your comfort, where your only concern is the romantic movements. We will be responsible for all your meals, accommodation, transport and other necessary things.

Sunrise & Sunset Honeymoon Tour

Nepal is one of the few destinations in the world for newlyweds who seek romance and relaxation amidst the scenic mountains, abundant wildlife, and exotic river beaches. This exhilarating Himalayan country will tantalize your senses in every way.

Wildlife Safari Honeymoon Tour

Surrounding Chitwan National Park in southern Nepal is one of the best planned and most intelligently developed tourist areas in Nepal. Not only does it offer a wide variety of resorts and lodges, it is also easy to reach - by road or by air. Regular flights are scheduled by Royal

Kathmandu Pokhara Honeymoon Tour

If Kathmandu is the cultural hub of Nepal, Pokhara is its center of adventure. An enchanting city nestled in a tranquil valley, it is the starting point for many of Nepal's most popular trekking and rafting destinations.