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Nepal Information

Nepal is land – locked country bordering with the Tibet Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China in the north and surrounded by India in the east, south and west. Nepal is known as not only the Land of Everest but also the land of Buddha. It's a land of yaks and yetis & country of temples.

Having world’s best and archeologically very important temples, and some of the best walking trails on the Earth. The Himalaya's most sophisticated urban cultures took shape here, in the three great minikingdoms of the Kathmandu Valley - Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur - home to a world-class artistic and architectural heritage.

The kingdom has long exerted a pull on the Western imagination and it's a difficult place to dislodge from your memory once you visit Nepal and return. This is why so many travelers are forced to visit Nepal again and again with a greater appreciation of its natural and cultural complexity, a stout pair of walking boots and a desire for improved leg-definition.

In the northern region of high Himalayas, the Tibetan speaking, the Sherpas, the Dolpas, the Lopas, the Baragaonlis, the Manangis live in different settlements scattered along the country. The Sherpas are mainly confined in the east in the Solu and Khumbu region. The Baragaonlis and the Lopas live in the semi- deserted area of the upper and lower Mustang in the part of the Tibetan plateau in the rain shadow area; the Managis in the Manang district and the adjacent areas; and the Dolpas in the highest settlements on the earth in the Dolpa district of Nepal ( in the west) at an altitude of above 4000 m

In the middle hills and valleys, there coexist numerous ethnic groups. Among them are the Magars, Gurungs, Tamangs, Sunuwars, Newars, Thakalis, Chepangs and majority of Brahmans and Chhetris. The Brahmans and Chhetris have long dominance in all pervading social, religious and political realms. There are also some occupational castes e.g. the Damai ( tailor), Sarki ( Cobbler), Kami (Blacksmith) and Sunar (Goldsmiths). Though, there exists numerous dialects, the language of unification is the national language, Nepali, an Indo- Aryan language.

Nepal occupying only 0.1% of the total landmass of the earth is home to

  • 2% of all the flowering plants in the word

  • 8%  of the world’s population of birds (More than 848 species)

  • 4% of mammals on earth

  • 11 of the world’s 15 families of butterflies (more than 500 species)

  • 600 indigenous plant families

  • 319 species of exotic orchids

Area:147,181 sq. km

Situated between china in the north and India in the south, east and west




28.58 million


Nepal has more than 101 ethnic groups and 92 spoken languages.


Nepali is the national Language; travel-trade people understand and speak English   as well.


Nepal is a secular state with a pre dominance of Hindu and Buddhist population. 

Currency:Nepali Rupee
Political System:Federal Democratic

Nepal is a secular state with pre dominance of Hindu and Buddhist population. 
Nepal has four major seasons (1): December – February, 2 Spring: March – May, 3 Summer: June August, (4) Autumn: September- November. Monsoons are from June till mid September. Nepal can be visited the whole year round.


(May June, July)
Dec, Jan, Feb


What to Wear:Light weight clothing is recommended from May through October, Warm garments are required in October - March. An umbrella or a raincoat is a must for the rainy season.


Visa FacilityDurationFee
Multiple entry15 daysUSS 25 or equivalent convertible currency
Multiple entry30 daysUSS 40 or equivalent convertible currency
Multiple entry90 daysUSS 100 or equivalent convertible currency

B.Gratis (free) Visa

Gratis visa for 30 days is available only for nationals of South Asian countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. However, Indian nationals do not require visa to enter into Nepal. 
However, nationals of the following countries will not get visa on arrival at the immigration entry points of Nepal Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Cameroon, Somalia, Liberia, Ethiopia, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan.

(for further information, please, contact department of Immigration, Kalikasthan, Kathmandu, Tel; 00977-1-4429659, Web; www.immi.gov.np)  

Indian National Traveling to Nepal must posses any one of the following documents-

  1. Passport
  2. Driving License with photo
  3. Photo Identity card issued by a Government Agency
  4. Ration card with photo
  5. Election commission card with photo
  6. Identity card issued by Embassy of Indian in Kathmandu
  7. Identity card with photo issued by sub – Divisional Magistrate or any other officials above his rank


BY AIR: Nepal Airlines is the national flag carrier of Nepal with flights to/from Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Bangkok, Doha and Hong Kong. Other international airlines operating from/ to Kathmandu are Air Arabia (Sharjah), Air China (Lhasa,Chengdu) ArkeFLY (Amsterdam), Bahrain Air (Bahrain) Biman Bangladesh (Dhaka), Buddha Air (paro, Lucknow), china Eastern Airliness (Kunming), china southern Airlines (Guanzhou), Dragon Air ( Hong Kong), Druk Air (Delhi, Paro), Etihad Airways (Abu Dhabi), Flydubai , GMG Airlines (Dhaka), Gulf Air (Bahrain), Indian Airlines (Delhi, Kolkotta,Varanasi), Indigo Airlines (Delhi), Jet Airways (Delhi, Mumbai), jet Life (Delhi), Kingfisher Airlines (Delhi), Korean Air (Seoul), Pakistan International Airlines (Karachi, Islamabad).Qutar Airways (Doha), Silk Air (Singapore), Spicejet (Delhi), Thai Airways (Bangkok) and United Airways(Dhaka).

BY LAND: All visitors coming to Nepal by land must enter only of these entry points (1) Kakarbhitta (2) Birgung (3) Belhiya (4) Nepalgunj (5) Dhangadi and (6) Mahendranagar in the Nepal – India border. The overland tourists entering the country with their vehicles must possess an international carnet or complete customs formalities.

RouteAPPROX. Distance (border towns to major cities)Nearest Railway station in India
Solliguri- Kakarvitta- KTM620 KMSNew Jalpaiguri (NJP)
Jogbani- Biratnagar- KTM550 KMSJogbani
Raxaul- Birgung-KTM280 KMSRaxaul (RXL)
Sunauli– Bhairahawa- KTM280 KMSGorakhpur (GKP)
Rupaidiya- Jamuna (NepalgunMj)- KTM520 KMSRupaidiyav/ Nanpara
Gauriphanta- Mohana(Dhangadi)-KTM630 KMSGauriphanta/ Paliya
Banabasa- Gaddachauki(Mahendranagar) KTM715 KMSBsnabasa/ Tanakpur
Sunauli- Bhairahawa-Palpa- Pokhara185 KMSGorakhpur (GKP)
Sunauli- Bhairahawa- Chitwan145 KMSGorakhpur 9GKP)
Sunauli- Bhairahawa- Lumbini26    KMSGorakhpur (GKP)


Nepal is the national language of Nepal; educated people understand and speak English as well. There are hundreds of local dialects spoken by people from various ethnic groups.


Nepal has four major seasons, namely,(1) winter; December – February,(2) Spring; March – May,(3) Summer; June – August and (4) Autumn: September – November. Nepal can be visited all the year round.

People and Religion

Nepalese people are mainly divided into two distinct groups, the India – Aryans and the Mongoloids. Nepal is the only Hindu Kingdom in the world. Hindu Temples and Buddhist Shrines are scattered all over the kingdom. Nepal is the birthplace of Lord Buddha, the Light of Asia. Hindus and Buddhists live together in harmony. Muslims, Christians and other nature worshippers, too, exist.

Currency & Foreign exchange

Nepali Rupee notes come in Rs. 1, 2, 5,10,20,25,50,100,500,1000 denominations. Coins come in 5 paisa, 10p, 25p, Rs. 1, 2 and 5 denominations.

Foreign currencies must be exchanged only through banks or authorized money exchangers. The receipts of such transaction are to be obtained and retained. Visitors can exchange foreign currency at the foreign exchange counter at the airport upon arrival. Visitors other than the India nationals have to make the payment in foreign currency (non – Indian currency) in hotel, trekking agencies or travel agencies and for air tickets.

Entry Procedure & Visas

Entry Procedures:

Indian nationals: India nationals do not require visa. However, effective from October 1, 2000, Indians traveling to Nepal by air have to show upon arrival at entry point either a passport, voter’s Identity card issued by the Election Commission of India, or and identity card with photograph issued by the central or State Government of India. Temporary identity cart with photograph issued by Nepal – based Indian diplomatic missions for identification of Indian nationals will also be considered in case of exceptions. Children under 10 years need not show any identification.

Visa Information

A visa is required to enter Nepal. One can get a visa at the Royal Nepalese Embassy or Consulate or at the airport upon arrival. Children under 10 years need not pay any visa fees. Two passport sized photos are mandatory for visa on arrival.

3.Toutist Visa

Foreigner who intends to visit Nepal must hold valid passport or any travel document equivalent to passport issued by the Govt. for visiting a foreign country prior to apply for visa.

  • Entry: No foreigner is entitled to enter into and stay in the Kingdom of Nepal without valid visa. Tourist entry visa can be obtained for the following duration from Royal Nepalese Embassy or Consulate or other mission offices or immigration offices located on entry points in Nepal.
  • Chinese citizen are requested to apply in Royal Nepalese Embassy or other Nepalese diplomatic missions as there is no provision of arrival visa for them.

C) Tourist Visa extension

A tourist visa can be extended upto 120 days from the Department of Immigration in Kathmandu and Pokhara Immigration in office on request. Then after an additional 30 days can be extended from Department of immigration on reasonable ground, which ensures one’s departure from the country within 150 days in one visa year.

  1. Tourist visa extension fee and additional late fee are as follows:-
    Visa extension for each additional 30 days – US$30 in equivalent Nepalese currency.
    The provision of single entry reentry and double entry has been revoked.
  2. Late fee for regularizing tourist visa US$ 2 in equivalent Nepalese currency per day for the first 30 days. US$ 3 in equivalent Nepalese currency per day for the next 31 to 90 days. US$ in equivalent Nepalese currency per day for mere than 90 days.
  3. Fee exemption of tourist visa. Children below 10 yrs.
    Descendant’s upto the age of 16 years, holding foreign passports, of Nepalese parents or either of their parents is a Nepal based foreign mission, until the period of his departure to a foreign country.

Dos & Don’ts
A tourist may stay in Nepal upto 150 days in a visa year (Jan-Dec). A tourist must extend his/her visa before expire of the visa validity period. A tourist who does not comply with these regulations may be liable f fine and other prosecution as provided in Immigration Act and Rules. A foreigner having obtained tourist visa shall not be allowed to work with or without receiving remuneration.

A foreigner shall not be allowed to carry out any work other than that for which purpose she/ he has obtained the visa.

4. Transit visa

  • A transit visa can be obtained from the Airport Immigration officer for a period of 48 hours on the presentation of confirmed air ticket. 
    b. Fee for transit visa is US$ 5.00

5. Other visa categories (Except tourist and transit visa)

  • Diplomatic visa 
    1. Who may apply? Diplomatic passport holders and their family members recommended from the concerned foreign diplomatic mission and considered fit to be granted diplomatic privileges by His Majesty’s Government.
    2. Issuing Authority: Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    For 30 days entry diplomatic mission and the Immigration Office at the ent6ry points in Nepal.
  • Official Visa
    i. Who may apply? : The official visa shall be granted to the persons considered fit by His Majesty’s Government and their family upon recommendation of the concerned diplomatic mission:
  • Administrative, Technical and non-diplomatic officials serving in a residential or non-residential diplomatic missions, a Consulate for Nepal and incumbent Nepalese honorary Consul Generals, Consuls and their family who visit Nepal from a foreign country.
  • Consultant experts who stay in Nepal under an agreement with his Majesty’s government,
  • Employees serving in the Nepal based offices of the United Nations or its agencies and the laissez passes granted by the United Nations.
  • Employees serving in the international institutions or regional organizations located in Nepal.
    ii. Issuing Authority: Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For 30 days entry diplomatic mission and the Immigration Office at the entry points in Nepal.

C .Study Visa

A foreigner who wants to study, teach or conduct research works in any educational institute having obtained the approval of His Majesty’ Govt.
i. who may apply? : Students, Research scholars, Teachers and their family Visa fee: Nepalese currency equivalent to 5U.S. $ per month.

Foreigners involved in the social and economic development works approved by HMG of Nepal under the expenses to be borne by Governmental institutions of the foreign friendly nations, visa fee: Nepalese currency equivalent to 20 U.S. $ per month. Foreigners having obtained recommendation from the ministry of foreign affairs to work in the institutions run by the foreign mission located in Nepal.

Visa fee:

Nepalese currency equivalent to 60 US$ per month for the first year and 100 US$ per month from the next year.

Foreigners having obtained recommendation from the concerned ministry to act as a helpers of the foreigners having obtained diplomatic or official visa.

Foreigners having obtained recommendation from the Ministry of Tourism Culture and Civil Aviation to work in any international airlines organization located in the kingdom of Nepal.

Foreigners having obtained recommendation of the concerned ministry to conduct feasibility study of an agreement or enterprise for a period not exceeding 6 months.

Group leader of the foreigners making application accompanied by the recommendation of the Ministry of tourism and Civil Aviation, for making the tourists tour in group in Nepal.
Such foreigners as may be thought fit by His Majesty’s Government.

4. Business visa

Business visa (with multiple entry) can be obtained from the department of Immigration for the period of one year or five years upon the recommendation of the Ministry of Industry by paying the equivalent of US$ 100 and US$ 250 respectively in Nepalese currency for the foreign investors.

Customs Formalities

All baggage must be declared and cleared through the customs on the port of entry. Personal effects are permitted free entry. The duty on articles brought by visitors varies according to the volume and value of the goods; such as tobacco and liquor, within the prescribed quantity free of duty. Carrying narcotics, arms and ammunition are strictly prohibited. Visitors can take along souvenirs to their respective countries. The export of antiques requires special certificate from the Department of Archaeology, National Archive Building, Ram Shah path, Kathmandu (Tel:4215358). Gold, silver, precious stones, wild animals and their skins, horns, wild flora and fauna etc. and drugs of any nature, whether processed or in their natural state are prohibited to be exported. 

Trekking in Nepal

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