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Our Team

Our Team for all kind of adventure Activities in Nepal

Our team is a combination of professional trekking & tour leaders, and mountaineering guides. We have been working in the Himalayas since dicade.

Our reputation for team work, and our trek and tour leaders' willingness to adhere to Best Practise in the Trekking Industry has won us respect and trust as a reliable and safe Trekking Agency. It is this trust that brings many of our clients back year after year to trek and tour with us. With our many years of experience in this field we are able to give you excellent support and help as you explore our beautiful Nepal. 

All our Trek and Tour guides are highly trained by the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management. All of our team members are Registered and Licensed as per the Nepal Government requirements. Our entire team is trained in First Aid, Eco - Tourism and are well versed in Nepali Culture, History and Art. We are committed to reveal the genuine Nepal to our travellers. 

Our first priority is for your safety, health, security. We are committed to assure our clients that they will have only hygienic food during their time travelling with us, be it in the urban areas, or in the more remote areas of Nepal. We take the opinions and suggestions of all our clients very seriously. At the end of each trip we ask that you complete an evaluation sheet so as to help us continue to improve the quality of our services. 

As you will discover, we are reliable, punctual and experienced. We will provide everything you need to make your trip safe, comfortable and enjoyable; accommodating any special needs and diets. More than anything, we love introducing Nepal to our visitors and watching them enjoy our country as much as we do.

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