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Yoga & Meditation in Nepal


Nepali is turning into quite a spiritual supermarket. The past few years hae seen an explosion of outfits teaching yoga and meditation in the Kathmandu Valley , and centres are starting to pop up in the other tourist watering holes. The allied health fields of ayurvdic and Tibetan medicine are also attracting a growing interest among travelers in Nepal. We conducts the Yoga/Meditation program for those people who wants to be efficient and strong from the mind in their professional field, life-style, daily activities, by balancing in their hand/heart and head (mind). Actually those people who are advanced in physical facilities, most of them are far from cultural/spiritual (inner) values. This crux of problems needs to solve by attaining Yoga/Meditation course so as to strengthen them in uniform direction in hand, head and heart. They achieve maximum satisfaction under the model, Required Satisfaction = Total Achievement/ Total Expectation, through the kingdom of spirituality from the Vedic philosophy of Yoga, Buddhism and other types of Meditation, Naturopathy, Yoga, Meditation, Herbal medicine all are suggests us "back to nature" for protecting the properties of future generation. This program is beneficial for rich materialistic world that makes the people more busy life without any direction. 

This program is intended for them to bring the uniform direction in their hand, heart & head through Spiritual phenomenon to make strong version/ commitment /sacrifice something for society. Students/ professionals of different fields, who try to be keen in their field yet not able are requested to attain the course for how to utilize our mind continuously through different meditation like talking, eating, reading etc. through our Vedic philosophy of Yoga. We also arrange all the necessary Vedic way of treatment for lean, weak and old grand parents if necessary. We welcome you.

Massage & Other Therapies

Nepal, like many Asian countries, has its own indigenous form of massage. So called Nepali "hard" massage is a deep therapeutic treatment that works mainly on the joints and insertions (the places where muscles meet bones). It's not all that relaxing but it can be just the job for sore shoulders after a trek Nepalis themselves rarely receive massages after the age of about three and would find it hard to conceive of paying for one, but numerous masseurs ply their services to foreigners in Nepal. A few practitioners also offer yogic shiatsu and Swedish or Thai massage. Book the date with us for Massage while your tour in Nepal. 

Buddhist Meditation and Study

Meditation is closely related to yoga and the two often overlap much of yoga (kundalini, for example) involves meditation and Buddhist meditation draws on many Hundu yogic practices. However. Meditation centres in Nepal generally follow the Buddhist particularly Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

Buddhist meditation is a science of mind. To Buddhists, mind is the cause of confusion and ego and the aim of meditation is to transcend these. Vipassana is the kernel of all forms of Buddhist meditation related to hatha yoga it emphasizes the minute observation of physical sensations and mental processes to achieve acool clear understanding of mind. Another basic practice common to most schools of Buddhism, shamatha ("calm abiding" – co-opted by New Agers as "be here now") attunes and sharpens the mind by means of coming back again and again to a meditative discipline (breathing, visualization etc). Theravada Buddhists consider vipaaana to be sufficient for the attaining of enlightenment.

Tibetan Buddhist centres start students out with vipassana and shamtha which form the foundation for a large armoury of meditation practices. An adept will cultivate Buddha like qualities through visualization techniques meditating on the deity that manifests a particular quality, while chanting the mantra and performing the mudra (hand gesture) associated with that deity. The Tibetan Buddhist path also involves numerous ritualsk, sudh as prayer, offerings, circumambulation and other meritorious acts, and committed followers will also take vows, Nepal has such centres offering introductory courses.

Please contact us for any of above mention treatment or exercise of Yoga meditation and massage therapies while you are in Nepal.